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Rosemary Taylor

5 Night Shamanic Healing Retreats with Rosemary Taylor

My first shamanic training was in Glastonbury in 2002 and I have practiced shamanic healing here ever since. In 2009/2010 I studied at Shamanka (Women’s School of Shamanism) including an advanced training in South American healing practices, during which time I visited Peru and had a profound healing experience.

I have taught various subjects in Glastonbury, including the runes, introductions to shamanism, shamanic journeying, space clearance ritual and voice sound healing workshops. I have mentored groups to receive the Munay-Ki rites, a series of nine energy transmission from the Inka tradition. I organised a workshop for Native American teacher Oogima Aakin Ikwe, Earth Leader Woman of the Anishinaabe, in 2008 which attracted 50 attendees.

In 2011/12 I completed the Inka Spirit courses offered by Don Juan Ñunez del Prado, strengthening my affinity with that tradition. I share some of these invaluable energy practices with clients at Healing Waters.

In January 2016 I completed a year’s training with Juliet Yelverton, in understanding the effects of trauma within the nervous system, a physiology and body-based approach which complements the Shamanic “spirit down” approach to healing.

I have been working with runes for many years, but recently strengthened my foundations in the Northern Tradition by training in Sweden in May 2017. I continue with rune divination workshops and now run shamanic journeying workshops based on Norse Mythology.

Just as valuable as the lessons that come from trainings are those that come from self-reflection. Shamanic spirituality supported an existing desire for change in my life. It helped me work with my own wounds and experience of illness to find the light, the teaching and the potential for change within them. Its healing has encouraged self-awareness, trust, a sense of wholeness, self-acceptance and inner purpose.

I have somehow transformed from a conventional, anxious, unfulfilled commuter to a shamanic practitioner, quietly working away in the heart chakra of the world. We are all capable of living a charmed life in co-creation with a loving and intelligent Universe. I am privileged to bring my experience and compassion to the service of your empowerment. Blessed be!




Shamanic Soul Retrieval  Retreat, 16th-19th May 2019

I am 68 years old, in excellent health, with a good husband and wonderful family and friends.  I am at the prime in my work as a psychotherapist and have no desire to retire.  I felt the need to do some deep personal inner/spiritual work so that this next phase of my life will be even richer than what I’ve already experienced.  

Personal growth and spirituality have always been an important focus in my life.  I’ve had many years of Jungian analysis, various forms of Bodywork, dabbled in astrology, energy healing and other forms of therapy that support inner work.

This year I’ve been looking for extended opportunities for personal work.  When I found “Healing Waters Retreat Centre” online and saw all that it offered, I knew immediately that was where I was to spend a week. I wanted something that was beyond words/talk therapy….. I know myself well – both gifts and faults.  I needed something more, but I was not sure what that “more” was.  As I read about Soul Retrieval , I intuitively knew that was “It”!

If I hadn’t felt a gut sense that the therapist was a “healer” first with expertise in an approach that was able to provide a sacred space for the “goddess and god”  to do their work in me,  then  I knew I wouldn’t have the experience I was looking for.  

Fortunately, Rosemary is a healer, very wise, passionate, goes the extra mile, and has a good understanding of psychology, trauma and personality. She is able to use various areas of knowledge in a very organic and integrated way (Shamanic Healing, Runes, Astrology, Myths, Moon) AND her training in Shamanic Healing includes the Inca Tradition – one which I experienced in Peru several years ago!  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect healing therapist. But most important, Rosemary has a loving heart!

I loved the basic format of the Soul Retrieval Healing and the way she  interpreted Runes and used Sound therapy too. I also appreciated the many times she really tuned into my needs and “saw” me. I gained a great deal from my time with Rosemary…. so much that we added an extra session to go deeper into the Runes!

I needed to not talk much. I needed the images from  the Shamanic Journeys that Rosemary got for me, beyond my mind, ego and old ways of thinking – to open me up to something new inside of myself.  It was so helpful to be in Glastonbury and be able to go to the sacred sites in between sessions to help me integrate what I experienced and then be ready for the next session.

As she was journeying and following her spirit guides and being with me, I FELT Healing was taking place…. beyond words…..simply an inner knowing. When she spoke, I resonated with what she was saying, she articulated for me what I was feeling with a different perspective.

As I was walking around the sacred sites, often a phrase from our session would “land” inside of me.  I am very grateful to have found someone with the life experience, spirituality and expertise I needed.

I feel that I am embracing myself in a deeper way – more self-love, self-confidence, readiness to stand in my power!  I feel a deep peace, joy and gratitude as I sit in the Bristol airport, preparing to return home.

I think this type of healing is especially helpful for those who are self-reflective and want to go beyond the mind into the soul.

I want the word to get out about what Rosemary has to offer.

Ann Dobbertin,  Psychotherapist , Washington, DC.   USA

Shamanic Journeying and Healing Session 6.12.18

Andrew had never tried shamanic healing work before. He requested a shamanic journey for guidance on why he has suffered and survived two brain tumours in the past. The guides explained the dynamics of childhood trauma. An animal spirit guide arrived in the shape of a rhinoceros to bring healing and power to the situation. It also became clear that Andrew was ready for a soul retrieval to take place and to receive back the lost joy and trust of his boyhood again.

“I had a fantastic day yesterday and feel that today is the first day of the rest of my life!!!! To celebrate Jill has bought me a model Rhinoceros. We are also giving some thought as to how to celebrate.

And a week later:

“Just to let you know I’m on cloud nine after my session last week and interestingly we met up with Jill’s brother and his partner last evening and they both said that they have never seen me looking better and ten years younger!!”

Andrew W. Journalist, Frome, Somerset .

Shamanic Soul Retrieval Retreat,  August 2018

For many years I felt I had answers to important questions inside of me. But I just never quite found the key to open the doors to those answers…

I felt deeply attracted to the shamanic (Soul Retrieval) retreat when I read the description on the homepage. I booked an online session beforehand with Rosemary and we got along very well from the start. I felt that Rosemary was very understanding and supportive during our call together. After that first call it only felt right to book the five-night retreat with her. 

Rosemary always left me the choice where I would like “to journey”/what I wanted to discover, always discussing different possibilities prior to the sessions. With Rosemary’s help we followed hidden paths into the lower world to discover and open ancient doors to reveal the insights, long sought answers and secrets waiting behind them. 

In the first session I discovered my shamanic power animal. Turned out I have two! Those animals have been with me ever since. The sessions that followed were all as magical and helpful as the first one. Long sought answers came to the surfaceSuddenly totally new perspectives came into focus, ancient entanglements were uncovered, old and sad stories transformed into beautiful fairy tales. Truly magical journeys into the depth of my questions!

The retreat with Rosemary helped me to shift deeply set and ill-making energy patterns permanently. When wrong belief systems surface I can now change the energy pattern easily. There is so much more space inside of me. 

If you are a person with an open mind and you feel that you too have answers or insights that want to be revealed, I can only recommend shamanic healing with Rosemary. With Rosemary’s shamanic knowledge, wisdom and gentle voice, she will guide you onto a truly magnificent journey into your own hidden truths. It also means you do not have to journey on your own. All my expectations were excelled!!!

K .M.  Teacher, Switzerland.

Rosemary Taylor.