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Michelle Blackmore


Michelle brings her 8 years of experience in sports massage and unique understanding of posture and muscle imbalances to Healing Waters. Michelle has established a very successful sports massage rehabilitation centre and has a deep knowledge of how the body works, gained from working with a large and diverse client base.

Michelle massages with a deep understanding and awareness of how emotional trauma can manifest in the body and of how massage can have an huge impact physically, mentally and spiritually.



Unlocking the body can help to unlock the mind, especially if you feel stuck on your current path or in a current mindset. The benefits of such a massage can stay with you long after leaving the treatment room.


Michelle is qualified in 9 different massage techniques and combines these skills to offer a personalised massage, suited to your individual needs.
In her personal life Michelle’s soul is rooted in nature and she has always had an affinity with owls. She works and lives with many of these beautiful creatures that nurture and guide her.