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Catarina Larsson

Catarina Larsson




Catarina Larsson was born in Sweden 1975. After graduating as social worker at the Umeå University she moved to Gothenburg and worked with deep social problems within local social authorities. She worked with families in crisis, people with substance misuse and mental health issues.

It was there she reached a turning point and met shaman Foster Perry and Hermetic teacher Kristos Thompanelis from the United States. She realized that there are different levels where problems could occur and get stuck. In the body, mind but also in the energetic field.

She started to study psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis, shamanic healing and Quabbala and had her own private practice in Gothenburg until 2010 when she moved to United Kingdom.

Her work is devoted to people who have a will to develop in the light.

What is within is with out, so below, so above. You are your own creation, you attract what you think. Nice beautiful words but sometimes difficult to understand and practice. What do I do with my worry, my situation now? I am in a problematic relationship and I am not enough. I am stressed. I can not sleep. I can not even meditate. My back hurts. How can I reach the point to get the life I really want?

You can create your world with holiness and connection to the Divine. They want to help you. You can find peace and harmony and still be in this world. Maybe not as so perfect as you want, but life is not perfect. We live in a world of emotions. That’s why we are here. We are here to feel and to learn how to handle forces.

The tools I use are massage, hypnosis, shamanic healing techniques, mantras, sigils, prayers and flower remedies etc. I will teach you how you can find peace and how to handle these forces by using these tools and also how to connect to Divine.

If you are a visitor here in Glastonbury I recommend a session of two hours to get optimum help that will last a long time. That can include shamanic healing/ massage and then I give you individualized tools, homework.