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Health Wisdom Mentoring Retreat

Therapist: Jenny Brown

“Do you feel too unwell to truly access who you are and make your fullest contribution in the world? Is your level of health curtailing you, frustrating you and hindering your daily life? Does your heart know that you deserve to feel vibrant but you’re unsure how to make it happen?”

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As the creator of the Health Wisdom Connection Pathway, Jenny specialises in drawing alongside people who are striving yet struggling to unravel the factors that are curtailing their enjoyment of life. Jenny has a strong sense of the deeper strength and identity of each person she meets, and is able to support you to see the purpose of your challenges and interpret their meaning. Jenny combines her deeply intuitive nature with 20 years nursing experience and natural health knowledge to support you to create your own unique pathway that will guide you towards greater health and balance.

Jenny has witnessed that our ability to unfold our full potential is intricately connected to our level of health. By bringing together greater awareness and using ‘whole person’ thinking, to listen, to be compassionately objective and assist in formulating dynamic solutions, she will support you from the foundation of comprehensive assessment and the ongoing development of a meaningful relationship. There is great value in supporting the physical body within the context of the bigger picture of the individual. From experience, Jenny knows that health support is most effective by offering her commitment as a mentor, so you retain and develop the ability to make your own choices at all times. Your body, mind and spirit has the amazing ability to regain balance, we just need to learn and understand how in the unique way for you.

Life can feel incongruent and disconnecting when those around you presume the unwell you is truly you. Jenny will support your own striving efforts to find a way through the veil that is curtailing your true personality and hindering your ability to live with the fulfilment and enjoyment of good health.

The suppression of our true nature and identification with labels can come at an insidious yet devastating cost, and we often find ourselves feeling so disconnected from who we dream we are supposed to be that we can barely feel what that is anymore. Compensation for this reality, different coping strategies and decisions made out of balance and distortion create an ever greater spider’s web of discomfort, commonly experienced as health challenges and distress. But if we look, there is always a glimmer of light to follow and we can utilise individualised supportive nourishing, detoxification and cellular measures to bring realignment in the body and mind.

Jenny’s personal journey of uncovering the hidden and suppressive influences that were impacting her life and learning herself how to embrace her own uniqueness inspires her to assist others to reclaim their ability to allow self healing by recognising and embracing the wisdom we hold within.

Jenny will support you to harness the wisdom of choosing to be proactive and assist you to acquire the knowledge and skills to make informed choices for yourself. By taking time to listen and understand, to consider the depths and all aspects of your experience, Jenny can collaborate with you as an individual to understand the lessons and create a plan to be able to move forward. You deserve to feel in alignment with who you truly are; the world needs all of us to be living the unique role we were born to contribute, you’re special. Collaborating together with you, Jenny can bring clarity and understanding to your situation to find your own empowered way to live.

For a comprehensive approach, we can be guided by the elements in Jenny’s framework of support….

Health Wisdom Connection Pathway

Element One – Remembering glimpses of your soul – remembering your ‘why’

Element Two – Exploring and understanding your past – by gaining clarity of our journey, we can move forward to our future

Element Three – Making sense of now – personalised, unique structure, guidance, support, education and encouragement

Element Four – Exploring influences, beliefs, labels and patterns – underpinning elements

Element Five – Seeking support and finding community – creating meaningful and helpful connections

Element Six – Gaining knowledge, education and understanding – resources, learning, courses, events

Element Seven – Harnessing your ability to keep walking forward – planning for sustainable, positive future

Within the Health Wisdom Mentoring Retreat Package, Jenny will guide you to explore and understand the messages your health challenges are offering you, and formulate individualise solutions, plans and strategies to rebalance your health, so you can engage in life with more clarity and greater ability with your soul purpose held in your heart.

Elements included in this retreat are:

* Introductory phone call with Jenny (15 mins) to have the opportunity for your questions to be addressed personally. Jenny can start to understand your situation, commence relevant planning and research.
Mentoring Agreement for clarity of expectation and peace of mind.

*Four nights stay at the Healing Waters Sanctuary

*In person, private mentoring time with Jenny 2hrs (Day 2) & 3hrs (Day 4)

*After the retreat at the Healing Waters Sanctuary, support with Jenny will continue via skype or phone mentoring at 2weeks (1.5hrs), 4weeks (1hr) and 8weeks (1.5hrs)

*Sharing of knowledge, solution finding, teaching and advice specific to your situation

*Two months access to Jenny’s Private Client On-line Portal for ongoing email support, resources, supportive documents, reference guides and charts

To learn more about Jenny’s approach, please visit her webpage.

Please enquire about this retreat either through Healing Waters, by email jenny@soulintegrity.co.uk or leave a phone message 01458 370123

Please accept Jenny’s invitation to discuss creating your retreat together with her. Book a complimentary 15 minutes phone-call at a time that is convenient for you by visiting her calendar

We all heal faster when we can feel our human connection with others.

We all heal faster when we can feel our human connection with others.


Collaborating with Jenny for support does not replace any medical advice. The information we share during sessions, in emails and support material is private, and intended for educational and awareness purposes only. Full responsibility remains with the client for the decisions made about their own health and life. Jenny believes in utilising appropriately applied information, resources and opinion in any circumstance, hence she will continually review the need and suggest referral to other health supporting professionals if indicated.

Jenny is a full member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP), She was awarded a BSc(Hons) 1st Class in Professional Practice with Critical Care, is an RN (Adult) regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and has completed studies in Nurse Mentoring and Natural Nutrition with the College of Natural Nutrition (CNN) as well as completing an extensive array of supportive study, attending events and participating in programmes. Jenny is passionate about continuing to learn, to update and further her understanding of the factors that affect our health.

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