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5 Night Self-Actualisation Retreat

Recovering the Essential Self

5 Night Retreat

With Mylene Chiron

Price:  £990



On this human journey, and particularly at this time in history, there emerges an intrinsic desire to experience ourselves as the authentic free beings that we truly are.

Whether you are already established in ‘The Work’ or you are only just starting to perceive it, there is an irresistible pull towards something greater than what the little self allows. It’s a knowing at first which makes us take steps and find the right book or teacher and before we know it, we’re moved to dig deep within and see for ourselves.

If that is your case, this retreat is a good place to start, or deepen your experience and self-inquiry.

During this 5 night long personal retreat we will work together to reveal what is right below the surface of your conscious mind; what is ready to be acknowledged bubbling out from the shadows of your subconscious. You will learn self-help techniques to centre, ground and reconnect with yourself. You will learn various meditation techniques and find the one that suits you best at this point in time, so that you can self-monitor your own journey. We will kick start or deepen self-inquiry and reveal pathways back to yourself. And more… as we go.




Why do shadow work?

Personal, societal, historical, and karmic constructs have crystallised a certain paradigm in our body and mind – and more generally in the human psyche – which is now becoming too limited, paralysing and detrimental to the evolutionary pull which is at play.

This material, which is imprinted deeply at the depth of the subconscious mind – both personal and transpersonal – can only be transformed through a direct and honest embrace.

Together we reveal what is ready for you to be acknowledged – whether you are led by strong emotional imprints, old traumas that are still active and controlling you in the background, obsolete belief systems that seem to be ‘stuck’ on a loop regardless of how much you want to change, patterns that are playing over and over again however hard you try to shift them… –

We will be following the wisdom of your own body and what your own inner compass decides: the sequencing of healing, the associations you made between things of the mind/body/spirit, your story-line and inner narratives… all loops and subconscious imprints can be witnessed, detached and finally released.

From then on, it is easier to really feel yourself, know your Essential Self and touch the Ground of Presence which is calling you.


I use what is known as Kinesiology muscle testing to direct our work together: this ensures that nobody else but YOURSELF actually decides on the pace, the direction and the resolution for your own journey.

Your Innate Wisdom will not only reveal what is held beneath the surface but will also provide the optimal sequence of healing, the ways to best Integrate the change … and any extra homework you might need to do in order to consolidate it all (this might include dietary recommendation, specific meditations, crystals to use, Flower essences, and anything that might be revealed as we work together).

I simply use my skills to ask the right question at the right time, my ability to feel deeply into your Process so that you don’t escape too far from it (yes you might want to!) and a very rich tool-bag of techniques:

Bach Flower therapy, Breathwork, Primary belief and survival strategies Process, Sound healing, colour and visualisation meditations, Taoist meditations, Massage and acupressure, Reiki and hands on healing, Personal Guidance connection/tarot reading, ancestral and karmic healing, shamanic journeying, Creative Kinesiology and BodyTalk therapy techniques) – Please visit my website for more information www.evolutionary-healing.net

During our initial sharing I will take note of all issues and areas of work that you can identify in your life and that you want to explore, understand or transform – We will then identify which of these are flagged as Priority, or as the optimal starting point for our session. Many agendas will thus arise one after the other during our sessions, and more often than not, issues that you might not even be aware are still at play in the subconscious mind. Freeing these energetic loops allows deep change within, and therefore without.

From there, it is simply a mysterious unfolding between the two of us, directed by Your and My Essential Selves playing this Changing Game, together.

A gentle warning: it can be difficult to chase shadows and open up to uncomfortable emotions or memories, explore old sometimes painful stories, or acknowledge the extent to which we have been taught to distrust, despise, ignore, disempower or veto oneself… yet it is all but a beautiful wondrous Game of Consciousness and I promise you, we will laugh through it all!


What will I learn from this experience?

  • Kinesiology-based techniques for self-care (grounding, centring, balancing left/right brain, hydration, brain switching for stress reduction…)
  • Taylor-made meditations/visualisation and specifically designed tools to gently train your mind into focus and Presence.
  • The power of witnessing in Presence.
  • Tools and exercises to help you shift old patterns, realign to the core ofyour being, regulate your nervous system.What happens during our sessions together?You will explore more about yourself in a way that only YOU know how. I do not know in advance what will happen nor what particular tools will be surfacing for you to help unfold your own Mystery.For that matter this journey is truly one of Self Discovery and I am skilled at holding a safe and honest space where YOU are the main player, without any doubt.There are as many designs to these ‘sessions’ as there are human beings, holding onto their own stories and with their very own agendas and purpose. It will simply be an honour to be holding space for you and follow you through this unfolding. As a skilled listener and guide, with the right tools and skills, I will take you exactly as you are and help you dive and rise to the level that you wish.

It is all a matter of commitment and your own intention to be here for yourself.

This retreat is designed to be a 1 to 1 journey. A couple discount is available, yet be advised that each individual will receive a 2h/day (4 x 2 hour sessions in total)  private and confidential session – times will be arranged between us.

I am available for a zoom/skype inquiry so you can decide if working with me feels right before you commit.

Please contact me at evolutionary-healing@mail.com for any question or inquiry.  Bookings are via Healing Waters Sanctuary at info@healing-waters.co.uk

You will receive handouts of all techniques and recommendations that arise during our Journey together – Your own Taylor-made manual of personal transformation.

Direct Self-inquiry in Presence and focused awareness are the tools that your very own personal Consciousness or Essential Self has available, to challenge and finally wake up the ‘little one’ (the Local self).

This is NOT a battle between a ‘higher self’ and the ‘Ego’; I believe these terms have become misleading. This is about reaching an agreement, having a mutual inner contract and understanding between both parties – Essential and Local self/selves – which ultimately lead to their bonding and finally, a Sacred Union.

This merging constitutes the ultimate emergence of the Free Being that we are meant to actualise on this human journey. It is a life-long journey yet the journey IS the goal, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as I am.

Mylène Chiron


“I came to Mylene in a particularly bad place emotionally and spiritually. Her work was outstanding and incredibly healing. I felt like I had excised a huge amount of anger and hurt and felt completely restored. Wonderful work!”