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Avalon Healing Immersion 

4 Night Retreat

With Paloma M Bellido






If you are feeling the calling to come to Avalon, you know that this is much more than a normal trip, so let’s start celebrating yourself for hearing that calling and for making it happen because this is a Soul Calling.


Most of the time when we visit a sacred land it is because either we need to receive some healing from that place or we need to reconnect with some memories or simply because that journey will be the motor that will bring us a transformation that at a Soul level is required for us in that stage of our lives. Whatever the reason is, that journey for sure would be very profound and probably very special too.


The healing package that Paloma offers to you at Healing Waters Sanctuary has got the intention to be weaved with the energies of Avalon and with whatever wants to be revealed to you during your stay in this precious and very sacred land.


Paloma’s offering is 6 hours of healing which will be divided into 3 sessions of 2 hours duration each. The sessions are; Recalibration, Feminine Energy Healing (Womb Healing) and The Goddess Codes (Light Codes Healing).


You will start your encounter with the Recalibration Session and that will help you to land into your being and it will help you to uncover what is the main area that needs to be balanced or healed or integrated within yourself right now so you can create space for opening up to bigger possibilities in your life.


The Recalibration sessions are very sacred Paloma and yourself would follow the energies that are showing up at that moment. These sessions are not necessarily about digging into the unconscious or the past but about listening carefully to what your divine soul wants to communicate with you right now. It is about honouring what is already being expressed through you at this precious moment of your life. Paloma will listen to what you want to share and that would be the golden thread that you would follow to uncover what wants to be revealed.


The sessions are a combination of Sacredness, Deep Listening, Healing, Channelling and Mentoring and the intention is that at the end you will have a sense of feeling more connected and aligned with your inner self. The sessions are very organic and very unique to each person and they can be very deep healing experiences where you are able to release old energies that are not serving you anymore but they can also be about finding truths within yourself that will give you the clarity that you need to understand better your current life process.


During the recalibration session, you can also connect with the reason for your visit to Avalon so you can receive the support to make the most of this sacred journey. If you may need to do any special ceremony or ritual during your time here to support your healing or activation process Paloma supports you to assess it during this session and can also give you the guidelines about how to prepare it and where to do it.


Paloma also brings various different elements to this session, like the use of Oracles Cards, information from Ascended Masters, how to work ceremoniously, or give you some energy or even sound healing, depending on what Paloma feel is the highest priority at that moment.


The second session will be a Feminine Energy Healing (Womb Healing) and this session is about opening up to receiving the Divine Feminine Healing Energies. The healing can be about clearing old blockages or traumas stored in the Womb (either from this life, other lives or from your ancestral lineage) but these sessions are not always about healing past traumas. They can also be very wonderful healing experiences where you are able to reconnect with your feminine nature and reconcile with aspects of yourself that may have been suppressed or ignored. They can be like a doorway that will help you to start to appreciate and honour your feminine nature and wisdom and that can become the beginning of a very transformative cycle in your life. Avalon is well known for being the place of the Goddess (the Divine Feminine) and to be able to receive a Feminine Energy Healing in that land can be very powerful.


If the person who wants to receive the Feminine Energy Healing is a man, Paloma can tailor the session for him, without any problem. It is the time for all of us to fully embrace the Divine Feminine Energies so this energy healing is not exclusive only to women.


On our third encounter, Paloma offers you The Goddess Codes, this is a healing method that uses Light Codes. This healing was transmitted by Mary Magdalene and it is very high-frequency healing as the Light Codes operate on the 5-Dimensional frequency. Light Codes are living energies that are activated within your Body of Light to weave the bridge between your Consciousness and the Higher Dimensions. They help you to remember Your Cosmic Origin and to transform and release limiting conditioning and beliefs, as well as emotional wounds and traumas through the release of the Frequency of Light and information that they provide. Light Codes takes healing to another dimension and it really helps you to raise your vibration so you can open up to higher frequencies and embrace the transition to the 5 Dimension. They not only bring you healing but they also have the ability to activate information that is dormant in your DNA and in your cells helping you to expand our consciousness.


As Mary Magdalene is the master behind this healing method and she is also very connected to Avalon and Paloma will share some information about her teachings during this session.


Everything that may show up to you during your visit to the sacred sites of Avalon would also be incorporated into the sessions and we can work with them so you can have a deeper understanding of your journey on this sacred land.


I will also be sharing some information about Avalon in the context of being one of the cities of Lights on the planet and its connection with Lemuria and Atlantis and the Sisterhood of the Rose.


Paloma’s intention is to offer a very strong, safe and healing space where you can give yourself the opportunity to go deeper to listen to what is really the calling of your Soul right now. It is also Paloma’s vision for your encounter that you will be able to reconnect with Avalon in a very sacred way and hopefully at the end of your visit you would feel upgraded and renovated and with a deeper understanding of who you are and what are the next steps for you to take into your life journey.


If you would like to know more about each “Session” you can find more information in the section “Therapies” or in Paloma’s website www.palomabellido.com. You can also contact Paloma directly if you would like to have a chat to discuss any aspect of my healing package.


Paloma is open to the possibility to create a bespoke healing package for you or you can up grade your package to add on various therapies such as Massage or Body Talk as an additional cost. Please contact us at Healing Waters Sanctuary to discuss the options.


This retreat package includes 4 nights accommodation at Healing Waters with self serve breakfast, again there is option to add catering at an additional cost and this is also subject to availability.


If this is your calling