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Rita Hraiz

Rita Hraiz


Rita Hraiz has been studying ageless wisdom and astrology for 25 years and has experience in many traditions of paths in service to the ONE.

Her life is focused in uplifting and inspiring people to know themselves and love themselves and to understand more about our part to play within the beauty of the UNFOLDING DIVINE PLAN. Rita offers very grounded practical guidance and uplifting insight infused with a nurturing love and sensitivity.

Rita Hraiz of Lebanese and Indian heritage is 48 years old and has lived in Glastonbury UK for the last 18 years with her four children ranging currently aged 28 – age 9. Founder of her own affordable luxury ethical clothes brand Rita Hraiz in Mudra which was developed for light-workers and is inspired by colour therapy, she is also a successful visionary artist and works holding meditation type retreats on Tibetan White Tantra and various shamanic practices. Rita has a grounded understanding and 25 years experience of being in the field of both business and authentic spiritual development and calls in all of her various skills into each session to support radical transformation in the journey home to the heart.