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Miranda Hartwell

Miranda Hartwell


Transpersonal Hypnotherapy

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Other therapies Provided:
Past-life regression – Learn Self-Hypnosis – Energy Resonance Healing – Neurolinguistic Programming – Emotional Freedom Technique – Tellington-touch

– Please inquire directly for information about additional therapies.


A counsellor and artist by nature and calling, I have been involved in the field of personal growth/ self-realisation, healing and empowerment for over 22 years. Having taken over 450 hours of training in two different accredited schools of hypnotherapy in the US (the Hypnotherapy Institute of Seattle, and American Institute for Transpersonal Hypnotherapy/NLP (with Jack Elias, author of the internationally acclaimed book ‘Finding True Magic’), I have been inspired by the powerful yet ultimately gentle nature of non-directive, transpersonal hypnotherapy. Coupling this, when appropriate, with Energy Resonance Healing and/or EFT gives many more avenues for profound healing/ life enhancement. It is a joy to combine what I have learned over the years, and facilitate others to find a deep sense of peace, joy and fulfilment within themselves.

The subconscious mind is a potent driving force behind our lives, the filter through which we must function; yet we are often completely unaware of its profound influence.

We’re most familiar with our conscious mind, our ‘outer’ mind with which we actively think all day long. It rests during sleep or trance states. The subconscious is our ‘inner’ mind. Always active, it is the director of our behaviours; constantly receiving, processing, storing and evaluating information while controlling hundreds of mental and physical functions. It holds the key to our entire personality because it is the sum total of our self-image.

The beliefs of the subconscious always win out against the conscious mind; the subconscious will always find the means to prove itself right in any given area. Limiting core beliefs can be powerful obstacles on our journey to joyful, loving, successful living. Therein lies the beauty of hypnosis. It can be used to bypass the conscious mind and facilitate trance so that problem resolution – or life enhancement – can take place directly on a subconscious level.