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Jenny Brown

Therapies: Wisdom Health Mentoring Retreat 

Drawing from her unique life journey, Jenny specialises in offering a comprehensive health mentoring relationship for those people that seek to unfold their contribution in the world, by unravelling the many influences that are hindering the congruence of our body, mind and spirit. Our experiences, life events, choices, assumptions and beliefs commonly result in imbalances and can often place obstacles in the way of our divine self healing ability. Jenny offers mentoring to uncover these imbalances and formulate steps to allow greater health to return.

Jenny has experienced that when we are unwell, feel trapped or curtailed in our ability, frustration dominates and our ability to move forward diminishes. If we move towards balance in our physical, emotional and environmental experience, by supporting our body to regain healthy function then our ability to know and feel who we are, why we are here and be able to unfold this is more possible.

Jenny has designed this in-depth retreat package to help you back to health again. Wisdom Health Mentoring Retreat

Jenny skilfully integrates her professional nursing experience with natural health knowledge and intuitive insight gained from years of research and study. This enquiry was driven by her perseverance and determination to manage and support herself to find ways to preserve her own independence, mental and physical ability. As the consequence of her experiences, Jenny has a huge respect for the unique intricacies of our lives and our self-healing potential.
Jenny studies with a passion, learning from others and continuing her own self development to deepen her understanding of how we can rebalance our health and learn how to thrive. Since qualifying as a Registered Nurse (RN) with post-graduate studies of BSc(Hons) Professional Practice in Critical Care, Jenny has expanded her knowledge and skills gained from 20 years of nursing to areas of study and experience in nutritional theory and naturopathic natural nutrition, detoxification and cellular health, amongst so much more….

Jenny’s areas of extra special interest are:

  • *Exploring the potential impact of suppressive intervention and decisions at the physical, emotional and societal levels
  • *The complexity of the gut:brain connection
  • *Immune suppression, metabolic, digestive, endocrine and nervous system health
  • *Heavy metal accumulation
  • *The fundamental and crucial importance of our nutrition and the far reaching impact of compromise in this nourishment
  • *Naturopathic theory and detoxification techniques
  • *The vaccination paradigm
  • *Pre-conceptual and peri-natal health
  • *Genetics and the fascinating study of epigenetic and trans-generational influences
  • *The deepest wisdom from ancient healing modalities
  • *Energy medicine and quantum technology

Jenny thoroughly enjoys supporting her clients to reconnect with their own ability to listen to the messages from their own body and mind, and gradually develop the knowledge and ability to nourish and nurture themselves. Jenny encourages a deeper understanding of their imbalances, gently encouraging each person towards greater well-being with the use of nourishing foods, assisting detoxification, exploring underpinning influences and lifestyle changes.

Jenny embraces the importance of spiritual health and forgiveness, self responsibility, boundaries within relationships, and the interplay of the energetic unseen world that surrounds our physical form. Reconnecting with our intuition, our guidance and core strength is an important key. We all have our own answers, held inside but the pathway can be scary and laced with challenge, hence her commitment to walk alongside you. Jenny has found there is always a shining light if we choose to look for it, the next step or insight.

Jenny fully appreciates how lonely it can be to be seeking answers and knows that true confidence and calmness of spirit originates from learning and empowering ourselves, hence education, informed choices and the cultivation of introspective strength are her passion to facilitate.

Returning to our true nature, to find our unique resolution requires immense bravery to face all those decisions, issues and events that culminated in our current situation. Jenny feels passionate to support those people that wish to unravel their conundrum of health challenges, to unfold who they truly are in the world as she understands the depth of strength required, hence will always match the commitment of those she is privileged to support.


Jenny Brown

 Jenny is a full member of the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) and the Federation of Nutritional Therapy Practitioners (FNTP), She was awarded a BSc(Hons) 1st Class in Professional Practice with Critical Care, is an RN (Adult) regulated by the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) and has completed studies in Nurse Mentoring and Natural Nutrition with the College of Natural Nutrition (CNN) as well as completing an extensive array of supportive study, attending events and participating in programmes. Jenny is passionate about continuing to learn, to update and further her understanding of the factors that affect our health.