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James Coombes

Therapy:  Vortex Healing:

Price: £65


James grew up in a small village near Glastonbury. In 2000 with a 2.1Bsc (hons) in Geography and Environmental Management, his intention was to have a career in Environmentalism. A year long trip around Asia, mostly in India, had him change direction. “It was one long adventure, with the sense of an unseen force guiding me every step of the way.” The exposure to spiritual teachings, practices and healing modalities on this trip ignited a fire and excitement in him like nothing he had ever known.
On his return home in 2002, he began a three year diploma course with The School of Energy Healing, which was founded by a graduate of The Barbara Brennan School of Healing in the USA (who is the author of Hands of Light and Light Emerging). Upon his graduation, James was asked to teach on the professional training and he taught the third year for four years up until the summer of 2009.

At the time when James’ own healing journey began, life was a real struggle. He had very poor levels of physical energy and many deep emotional issues overshadowing his life experience. The desire to change this led him to take on a multi faceted approach to his own healing, including Chi Kung, Yoga, Meditation, and Naturopathy. James has been completely dedicated to his own healing and unfolding since 2002, that dedication has open the way for much Grace to flow into his life and over the years he has experienced a miraculous transformation in himself. Much of this he puts down to VortexHealing, both training in it and using it on himself.

He began his training in VortexHealing in 2006 and is at the most advanced level now, Merlin’s Grace and The Universal AP. The VortexHealing path is a magical adventure and resonates with him more than anything else he has encountered. It’s central now to his own path and how he works as a healer.

James is passionate about bringing transformation to his own life and he enjoys the process of life unfolding itself and manifesting its highest, truest essence through the human experience. The depth to which he has gone into himself on his own journey and continues to go is fundamental to the powerful healing space that he holds for others.

“Alongside his natural nurturing presence, James’ insights are razor-sharp. In our first session, he worked on a chronic shoulder injury I had had for three years and it was pure magic: he accurately identified the grief that was trapped in the injury and my tears started to flow; I felt a tremendous amount of sensation in the area (and always do when he is working on me, whether in proximity or long distance). In my many years experience of bodywork and therapy, I have only once or twice come across a healer/therapist of the same calibre. I cannot recommend working with James highly enough.”   M.J.,Oxford.

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