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Angela Ford

Angela ford



Price £75 per session


I came into holistic therapies in 2005 through the adoption of my 7 year old son at that time. Being aware of emotional imbalances in my life, I came across Touch for Health (Kinesiology) workshops and Chinese 5 Element Law and was able to use this energy healing on a daily basis. I continued reading and learning about energy work and how the body stores emotional memories. At the same time I started on my spiritual path and became interested in Channelling and Spiritual Healing. EFT and Hypnosis followed. I then began Regression Therapy with Andy Tomlinson at the Past Life Regression Academy. At the same time, my son entered his challenging teenage/adolescent years. This was a whole new learning experience including Attachment issues, Developmental Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and an intense emotional roller coaster of events.

During 2014/15 and through my growing spirituality I trained in Reiki Healing. In 2015 and through synchronicity I met Juliet Yelverton and began a year of studying and healing my own trauma, attending ‘Healing Trauma’ workshops in Glastonbury. Juliet and Julia Duthie also ran a ‘Healing Birth Wounds’ workshop which complemented and built on my increased knowledge of trauma and shock and how it impacts on the nervous system. Through healing my own trauma and living the experience I have been able to apply my learning to my own life, welcoming the benefits at every stage. The huge amount of experience I have gained brings a ‘quality’ to my work – I am now living lighter and it is a good place to be. All this enables me to be a trusted and experienced therapist to facilitate your healing, whatever that looks like for you. I have a special interest in trauma and how that can impact on the carers of traumatised individuals.

I channel healing through the angels. The sessions offer a unique experience working with body sensations, the most prominent emotion and intention.

The pure light healing session is taylor made for each individual client and may include several therapeutic modalities : Trauma/shock release, Past Life Regression, Inner Child, Spirit Release, Kinesiology (Chinese 5 Elements). Releasing blocked energy (pain) to balance mind, body and spirit.
I am working at a deep/soul level to create transformation and freedom in a persons life.

I also have a natural affinity with nature and an interest in the ancient Shamanic way of healing and lore.

My fee is £75 for a session