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Shamanic Healing and Soul Retrieval

Rosemary Taylor

My first shamanic training was in Glastonbury in 2002 and I have practiced
shamanic healing here since that time. My second training was with Eliana
Harvey at Shamanka (Women’s School of Shamanism) in 2009/2010 including
an advanced training in South American healing practices, during which time I
visited Peru and had a profound healing experience. I am now a teacher on
Shamanka’s advanced course.

I have taught and given the Munay-Ki Rites in Glastonbury, as well as teaching
the runes, running smudging workshops, introductions to shamanism and voice
sound healing workshops. I organised a workshop for Native American teacher
Oogima Aakin Ikwe, Earth Leader Woman of the Anishinaabe, in 2008 which
attracted 50 attendees.

In 2011/12 I completed all the Inka Spirit courses offered by Don Juan Ñunez
del Prado, strengthening my affinity with that tradition, which is equalled by my
love for the Northern Tradition, of which the runes form a part. In January 2016
I completed a year’s training with Juliet Yelverton, in understanding the effects
of trauma within the nervous system, a physiology and body-based approach
which complements the Shamanic “spirit down” approach to healing. I am
currently developing workshops based on the wisdom and healing of our native
Northern European traditions.

Just as valuable as the lessons that come from trainings are those that come
from self-reflection. Shamanic spirituality supported an existing desire for
change in my life. Its healing has encouraged self-awareness, trust, a sense of
wholeness, self-acceptance and inner purpose. I have somehow transformed
from a conventional, anxious, unfulfilled commuter to a shamanic practitioner,
quietly working away in the heart chakra of the world. We are all capable of
living a charmed life in co-creation with a loving and intelligent Universe. I am
privileged to bring my experience and compassion to the service of your
empowerment. Blessed be!

Rosemary Taylor.