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Estelle Gillingham

Dr Estelle Gillingham, Forensic Energy Healer

Estelle Gillingham

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“My training as a research scientist means that I love to get to the bottom of things. Our bodies and our energy fields hold such a faithful record of everything that has happened to us. They also hold the key to reconnecting us to our natural state of vitality and well-being, and our beautiful, natural energy flow.

I love to work with people to find where the blocks are in their bodies and energy fields. And then, as the creator of Forensic Healing, Marisa Russo, said, we can “release, reconnect and re-align”. Nothing can beat the joy of that. Bringing people back into alignment with their natural well-being, will always make me smile! “

Dr Estelle Gillingham, May 2013

More about Estelle

Now a qualified forensic healer and facilitator of workshops in psychic development and advanced healing practices for healers, Estelle began her healing journey in response to the chronic fatigue and depression that had plagued her life since her teenage years. It took Estelle many years to understand how her sensitivity to energy could be used, not only to heal herself, but to help many others as well.

After years of personal research into natural healing and energy work, Estelle was lucky enough to meet and train with two amazing teachers who are at the forefront of natural healing and energy work. Estelle trained with Tracey Ash (Senior Lecturer at the College of Psychic Studies, London), and Art Giser (the creator of Energetic NLP), completing the following studies:

Tracey Ash’s Advanced Psychic Channeling and life Vision Schools;
Art Giser’s Energetic NLP Graduate Programmes (Levels 1, 2 and 3).

She was also a member of the group who went on the Return to Light Pilgrimage in Egypt with Tracey Ash in March 2011 (the time of the Arab Spring). Under Tracey’s guidance and with help from local guides, the group were able to carry out some incredible work, in Luxor and Carnac temples and in the Valley of the Kings, at one of the most interesting and significant times in modern Egyptian history.

Having already experienced some incredible light activations and healing energies in Egypt in March 2011, Estelle left England once again in September 2011 to undertake a further 12 month’s of solo travel. She visited South East Asia, the South Pacific Islands, Australia and New Zealand and Northern America. During this time she embodied a unique set of healing energies by working in some of the world’s most famous temples, sacred landscapes and energy sites.

In March 2012, Estelle met another inspired teacher. She attended Marisa Russo’s 7 Day Live Training in Advanced Forensic Healing in Melbourne, Australia. The knowledge and skills that she learned, and the healings she both gave and received, both during the course and while qualifying for her diploma, were the grand finale of her research and her incredible tour. Marisa Russo summarised Estelle’s contribution to the course in the following testimonial:

“Estelle was absolutely incredible. She’s a facilitator; she’s a medium and she’s a channel. Estelle is the most incredible student, or person, or healer that I’ve ever met. I’m grateful for her contribution to help the whole class transform. Her insights were amazing. I think she is brilliant. There’s definitely a soul connection.”

(testimonial from Marisa Russo, Founder of Forensic Healing, after Estelle attended seven days of Advanced Forensic Healing training in Melbourne)

Estelle now lives in Glastonbury where she is a member of the Healing Waters therapy team. Her current areas of study include the Incan Shaman Medicine Wheel and Munay-ki healing rites, Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga and Taijiwuxigong (a Qi Gong Chinese healing system founded by Dr Shen Hongxun).

Read testimonials from Estelle’s clients
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