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Core Process Psychotherapy


£40 per session

Core Process Psychotherapy is a psychospiritual approach that draws on both Western and Buddhist influences.

Central to its practice is an understanding that we posess an inherent wisdom that moves naturally towards healing. This inherent wisdom, or Core, however, can be obscured by patterns of defences we develop, often as children to protect ourselves from pain. We may recognise for instance familiar limiting reactions or patterns of behavour to particular events or relationships in our lives.

In bringing awareness to these patterns we explore how they have shaped our lives and how they may be adversely affecting our relationships with ourselves and others. Insights into the ways we hold onto our suffering in this way can lead to greater freedom and connection with our essential wisdom and compassion.

Where Therapy can help:

Therapy aims to provide a safe, confidential and accepting space to help you explore whatever you bring and support you in finding your own solutions.

Reasons why people seek therapy may include:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Low self esteem
  • Current or past trauma
  • Life transitions such as loss, bereavement, health or work situations Relationship issues A vague sense of unhappiness or dissatisfaction or a yearning for more depth or meaning in life.

Therapy Sessions

In a therapy session we explore what is happening for you in the present moment and how this may have been influenced by the past.
We identify areas that may have got stuck or fixed by bringing attention to thoughts, beliefs, feelings and energy processes and how this is held in your body.
The aim is not to change your experience but to see how you relate to it, so it becomes possible to move with greater creativity and flexibility in your life.
We work at your own pace, identifying and developing resources to support the work and to bring awareness to existing health.

This therapy is NOT included as part of the 4 Night Retreat Package. It is only available as part of an ongoing weekly programme of sessions.