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Healing Birth Wounds Workshop 12th & 13th Decemeber2015

Healing Birth Wounds Workshop 12th & 13th December 2015 Do you sometimes feel overwhelmed with the same old story, your life stressed and unfulfilling, or suffer from vague anxieties, stuck patterns, life repeating itself in a negative spiral? Past traumatic experiences can be fermenting beneath the level of your conscious mind that you have no [...]

Whole House Booking Details

  A Whole House Booking at Healing Waters Sanctuary comprises the following for exclusive private use. There are 6 rooms in the house and the meditation room and kitchen. The rooms are: Downstairs: 1. Kitchen – Fully equipped for self catering or we can cater for you. The price is £30 per person per day [...]

Make sure your group retreat is a hit: Part Three

In this third blog in our series about running successful retreats, I invite you as a retreat organiser to take a bold, look at what you plan to deliver in your retreat.  One of the most vital questions you can ask yourself as you look at your plan is, surprisingly, how much space is there [...]


POWER ANIMAL TALK – Whale Diary Recently, Dolphin swam out of the animal oracle and into my awareness, joining me to the nearing prospect of a break by the sea. Only a few miles away from our Cornish destination I drew a card for my week’s holiday – Whale! The aquatic synchronicity felt right. Then [...]

Healing Waters is supporting Avalon Community Energy to raise £50,000 – Win a free stay!

At Healing Waters we do the best we can to support ethical and sustainable change across the planet. We are promoting Avalon Community Energy's Crowdfunder Campaign and are offering free vouchers against healing retreats at the Sanctuary as well as a ticket in the draw for a free stay. We are also offering £100 off [...]

Ten Signs You Need a Healing Retreat

Our society is fast paced and we often forget to slow down and really spend time planning the direction we want to point ourselves. Our bodies and minds are constantly trying to catch up as we scurry around to keep up with the unseen pressures of our modern culture.  If you feel a calling to [...]

Make sure your group retreat is a hit: Part Two

Explore outside your retreat center In this blog, the second one in our series about running a successful retreat we look at the importance of location. Although Healing Waters is a gorgeous destination to visit in its own right, it is only a few minute’s walk away from Glastonbury itself. As well as being wowed [...]

5 Night Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Retreat

Includes 8 hours of Shamanic Practice, Journeying and Power Animal Work. Total Price: £990 per person.** See our group savings Includes B&B accommodation, enhanced personal service and 8 hours of Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Work. This retreat can be facilitated one-to-one or as a small group (up to four people). Group Savings are available. [...]

SPIRIT RELEASE – Helping Family, Friends & Others

Have you witnessed a disturbing death of a friend or family member? Have you been at the scene of a traumatic accident? Has someone you know been through huge stress, and then committed suicide? Have you been present with someone through the dying process, and they have been afraid to leave their body, and feared [...]

SPIRIT RELEASE – a teaching method for Professional Carers.

Are you working within the medical or nursing professions? Are you a social worker, healer, homeopath, therapist or counsellor? Are you caring for clients or patients suffering severe traumatic stress disorders? Nightmare visions? Schizophrenia and O.C.D. symptoms? Have your clients or patients experienced domestic violence, social bullying, or sexual abuse? Have your clients or patients [...]


  "I can heartily recommend Helen Ford's 'Spirit Release' workshop. I have worked with Helen for many, many years, and have found that this work allows one to see many inherent patterns, which cause big blocks in life. As we release spirits, we receive information that sheds light on our blind spots, allowing us to [...]