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If your questions are not answered here then please feel free to get in touch with us.

Do I need to bring sheets or towels?

All linen is provided including Egyptian cotton towels.

Do you have internet access?

We do not have internet access at Healing Waters but access can be arranged at one of our other properties only a minuets walk away.

Do you have disability access?

No. Unfortunately there are steep steps descending from the road to access Healing Waters. They are not suitable for wheelchair access and may be challenging if you have difficulty walking.

What time is Checkout?

Checkout time is 11am from your room, but you may use the other facilities up until 2pm.

Are the Bathrooms En-suite?

No the bathrooms are not en-suite. We have two, one on the upper floor and the other on the lower. There are showers in both and the lower one has a luxury, Jacuzzi style bath.

How long does it take to get to the top of the Tor from Healing Waters?

It takes about 15 minutes to walk to the base of the Tor on Well House Lane and another 15 minutes to the top.  On a windy day it can be very windy at the top so wrap up warm.  On a sunny day you can see for miles. On a misty day it is simply magical.

What do I do if the fire alarms go off?

Please leave the house and make a call to the emergency number that is on the welcome letter that you receive upon your arrival.  You will also be sent all fire instructions on completion of your booking.

Can I wear shoes in the Sanctuary?

Out of respect to interior cleanliness, the Sanctuary and the Yurt are a shoe free zone.  It is advisable to bring a pair of slippers of thick indoor socks.

Is filtered  or spring water available at the Sanctuary?

Yes we have a filter that removes chlorine and other products that normally found in our tap water.  For spring water you can collect the iron rich red spring water from the Chalice Well or the white water from the White Spring, both on Well House Lane in Glastonbury at the foot of the Tor.

How is Healing Waters Sanctuary different from staying in a ‘normal’ B&B?

The Sanctuary does not have the formality of a normal B&B.  You can arrive when you wish and you have a door code for access.  Breakfast is self serve and you can have it when you want and also drinks throughout the day.  there are self catering facilities where you can prepare lunch and an evening meal for yourself in the equipped kitchen that has also a selection of herbs and spices.  This is designed to be much more relaxing than a normal B&B and you can go at your own pace and schedule.  However, you are also asked to take more responsibility for the communal spaces.  Please leave things clean and tidy in the kitchen, putting your dishes in the dishwasher and also leaving the bathrooms clean after use.  We have cleaners who come in to take care of things, but they are not able to attend behind everyone constantly, so it is important that a quiet, calm and orderly atmosphere is maintained for the other guests.  It is also more social than a normal B&B.  You may make new friends or amazing connections with like minded people and share stimulating new ideas and concepts, especially around spirituality and healing.  The Sanctuary tends to attract people who are healers, or spiritual seekers or people on their own healing journey towards better health.  Please be conscious and respectful at all times for the needs of others for equal peace and tranquility through your use of the space.

Can I bring meat, alcohol or cigarettes to the Sanctuary?

The Sanctuary is a place where individuals who do not use these products, can come and not have to be around the use of them by other people.  Please respect this when you come, especially if you are self catering.

Can I bring my pet?

We don’t encourage this because we like to maintain a household that is free from allergens from animals, especially to protect guests that may be sensitive in this way.

Can I use incense or light candles?

Incense or candles may be used in the meditation room but not in the bedrooms, with the exception of night lights only used in a proper night light holder..  The bottoms on night lights get extremely hot and can start fires.  When using incense or candles in the meditation room please use the proper holders because again they are a danger.  Do not leave them unattended under any circumstance since candles are a common cause of fires.  You cannot use smudge sticks, or burn any kind of incense in a burner since it will set off the very sensitive fire alarms.

I am self catering, is there fridge space for my food.

There is a fridge for guests food in the utility room to the right of the front door and it is labelled.  There is also a pullout cupboard in the kitchen where you can keep dried items.

Are there locks on the rooms?

We provide a bold for the inside of the room door.  However, there are no external locks on the doors and no keys.  Entrance to the Sanctuary is via a key pad.  For security, we ask guests to ensure that the front and back doors are closed and locked at night and when you go out.  If you have valuables, please take them with you or ask if we can lock them away for you.

For Children

There is a travel cot and bedding. Children are welcome but must be well behaved.

What happens if my chosen therapies or room are not available?

In the instance of your chosen therapies or room not being available, we reserve the right to offer you an alternative room or therapy.  Please see our Terms and Conditions