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5-Day Shamanic Soul Retrieval Retreat

Including 8 hours of one-to-one Soul Retrieval Healing Work, following elements of the Andean tradition.
Soul Loss and Soul Retrieval

Total price: £920

This Retreat will help you to explore and heal “soul loss”, a phrase that describes the condition of someone affected by a traumatic experience, whether the shock was: sudden like an accident, injury or loss; or protracted over time, e.g. the effects of neglect or emotional abuse.

The symptoms of soul loss can range from depression, dissociation, fatigue and lack of motivation to anxiety, anger issues, restlessness and chronic pain. Joy, clarity, resilience or creativity may have vanished since the incident, to be replaced by a nagging feeling that “something is missing”. In shamanic healing work that missing x-factor is known as the soul-part or soul fragment, which broke off and went away to a place in spirit, in order to protect itself from the difficulty of the experience.
This retreat shares the most effective soul retrieval process I have experienced. Taught by Alberto Villoldo it is detailed and thorough, staged across four sections so the recipient can integrate a deeper understanding of their experience. Villoldo is a Cuban-American exponent of the Andean energy tradition and some terminology from that tradition is used in this process
Session One: We call in a power animal for support then journey to the Uku Pacha – the Andean lower world – where we meet its Inka guardian, Lord Huascar. We ask to be shown the first chamber, which holds a memory, scene or impression of the event that caused the trauma, whether current life, past life or ancestral in nature.

Session Two:

We journey to the Uku Pacha / Lower World again, to explore the Chamber of Contracts and discover the beliefs, agreements and self-protective behaviours that arose out of the original trauma. We create a new contract.
Session Three: We journey to the Chamber of Grace to seek the lost soul-part and return it to the client’s energy field, with supportive energy healing work.

Session Four:

We journey to the fourth chamber, the Chamber of Treasures to learn which goal or direction in life the newly returned soul-part wishes to develop. This journey may be supplemented by exploring some of the soul-part’s experiences while it was away in spirit.

Depending on client need and pacing, content may be arranged differently over the four sessions and other practices may be added to the process to provide full benefit.