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5-Day Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Retreat

Shamanic Power Animal RetreatIncludes 8 hours of Shamanic Practice, Journeying and Power Animal Work.

Total Price: £920 per person.** See our group savings

This retreat can be facilitated one-to-one or as a small group (up to four people). So a group of friends or colleagues can share the experience together.

A Shamanic Practice For Beginners

This retreat will introduce you to the some of the basics of a Shamanic Practice. If you feel spirit speaks most powerfully to you through nature (the animal, vegetable, mineral and elemental realms) then shamanism might be the perfect practice for you.
Shamanism holds to the wisdom that all life possesses an intelligence and that through the medium of a shamanic journey we can venture into the realms of spirit and communicate with the essence of all things – from trees, to rivers, mountains, crystals, animals and herbs. This retreat equips participants to safely explore the worlds of spirit and begin an individual home practice through shamanic journeying.

Some people find journeying to the drumbeat really easy and some initially a little patchy, but perseverance does produce results. I can obtain drumming CDs to help you practice at home and develop the knowledge you have gained.
Session One: Creating shamanic sacred space. Cleansing the space and the person with sage smudge; teaching about the medicine wheel; and calling in animal powers to energetically construct a personal medicine wheel altar. Finding a personal sacred place. Grounding.

Session Two:

I help the participant meet their personal power animal guide in the lower world; this animal may be different to those that hold the energy of the medicine altar. Integrating this power into your energy body is a healing known as “power retrieval”, and some preliminary work is done with its energy.

Session Three:

Learn how to journey independently to the beat of the shamanic drum; learn how to check that energies are genuine guides; ask for guidance from your power animal and see what you are shown; try a journey to the upper world to meet a spirit guide; ask to be taken by a guide to a place of healing.
Session Four: Learn about “shamanic shadow” and a power animal ceremony that helps to break down stuck emotional energy. Try journeying into the energy of a crystal or with the energy of a feather.

Group Savings**

This retreat can be facilitated one-to-one or as a small group (up to four people). So a group of friends or colleagues can share the experience together.

Group savings ** are available on the therapy/teaching element of the Shamanic Journeying & Power Animal Retreat (not the B&B component). This will bring down the overall cost of individual payments, as follows:
One-to-One Retreat: £920
Group of Two £860 per person
Group of Three: £810 per person
Group of Four: £760 per person

These prices are based on all booked group members attending all of the therapy/teaching sessions. If a group member drops out after the initial booking, the group rate reverts to the fee payable for the total number who attend and the balance will need to be paid per attending person.

Contact Rosemary on 01458 832157 or 07906 865717 to discuss retreat contents, or to ask questions.