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5-Day Shamanic Healing & Practice Retreats
Total Price: £920

Including 8 hours of one-to one shamanic healing/guidance/energy practice.

Rosemary Taylor

Allowing yourself the time to go deeper by degrees can often bring the greatest shift in perception and sense of benefit. If you decide to dedicate an extended period of time to personal growth and transformational work, I can offer you a variety of approaches.

An individually tailored 5-day Shamanic Healing & Practice Retreat can be composed of any of the components from my general Shamanic offering. You can focus on: personal healing work that I facilitate with you; shamanic practice that gives you tools for self-help; or you can mix healing components with some self-help practice.

For example: a guidance session might advise learning a heavy-energy clearing practice and the need for power animal protection, before embarking on some soul retrieval work. Or, if you want to learn more about the Northern European Shamanic Tradition, I can tailor a Rune Wisdom Retreat, offering a mixture of rune guidance, healing and background teaching. If individual healing sessions are excluded, a range of practices could be taught to a small group, achieving some cost-savings.
It is advisable to get some phone consultation prior to booking the retreat to ensure needs are understood and any preparation time can be built in. Call Rosemary on 07906 865717 or 01458 832157 for a free thirty minute consultation.

The following example Retreat Packages demonstrate only a few of the rewarding possibilities available for 5-day Retreats based on Shamanic Healing and/or Practice.

The Shamanic Journeying and Power Animal Retreat
The Shamanic Soul Retrieval Retreat
The Shamanic Inka Light Body Retreat

More about Shamanic Healing

Initial Consultation

The work is profound and the need may be complex, so I offer a 20 minute free consultation to determine need and confirm that shamanic work is appropriate. Ring to arrange a consultation on 07906 865717 or 01458 832157.